• NEW LED hand spinner arrival. Great for Fidgeters, Anxiety, ADHD, relieving stress, Autism, quitting nail biting and smoking, and concentration.
  • 2-3 Minute Spins! Fits in your Pocket, Small, Fun Hand Toy that helps you Focus, Concentrate, and Relax
  • Stronger and Durable ABS plastic material, New and Sleek red Color With colorful Lights
  • High quality bearing allows for smooth, quiet, and fast spins.
  • Hold Spinner in one hand and use your other hand to continuously spin it quickly, practice using only one hand and doing tricks by moving spinning fidget from one hand to another. Take each LED light out and turn them clockwise to turn on. Turn them the opposite direction to turn off. They are held in place with magnets.If you have any questions about your spinner, please Ota yhteyttä. Thank you!

hot sale hand spinner

LED-käsipyörä on todella suosittu kaikkialla maailmassa juuri nyt, et halua missata tätä suuntausta miehittää nämä suuret markkinat aikaisemmin. Tule yhteen ja pyöritä brändiäsi. 


Pakkauksen viite
Our package for those hand LED spinner is shown below for your reference. Size is about 90x90x11mm. The front and back side printing of the box are as follows.