Kudotut laastarit ja kudotut tarrat

Woven Patches & Woven Labels are a great way to brand your apparel. They are used for branding and giving information about size, length, composition, origin, model or washing instructions. Alternatively they are widely used purely for decorative purposes on garments, shorts, shoes, bags, hats, toys, blankets or other furnishings. Woven Patches & Woven
labels are able to represent better details and small letters than embroidered patches.

We can make woven products in kinds of methods including 3D cubic design, laser hollow out design and gold or silver metallic logo to satisfy your demand.

● Tarran leveys: 10-190 mm missä tahansa pituudessa.
● Materiaali: 100% polyesteri.
● Reunavaihtoehdot: Merrow, lämpöleikkaus, laserlämpöleikkaus, ultraäänileikkaus.
● Fold Options: Straight cut, die cut, end fold, center fold, miter fold, Manhattan fold...
● Backing: Plain, double adhesive tape, hard PVC, iron on, self-adhesive sticker with wax paper, velcro tap, black / white paper coating, etc.
● Special ways: 3D cubic stuffing, laser hollow-out, loop, across liquid, eyelet, metallic thread, finish & starching
● MOQ: 100kpl per malli
● Toimitus: 5-7 päivää näytteille, noin 7-14 päivää tuotannolle.

● Packing: 50 pieces per poly bag or packing according to the customers' requirements



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